No Matter How Small

I have always been a fan of container gardens. I think it hearkens back to my apartment days when my flat was absolutely inundated with pots of plants. Even now on the acreage we have I still primarily garden in containers. I take special joy in gardening over the winter. It just seems so ironic that when all is brown outside, I’m munching on fresh greens inside.

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Free Food!!!

Welcome to Imagine walking outside with a basket and returning with it full of fresh fruits, veggies and nuts. Without spending a dime. That’s the kind of gardening I like. While I may grow a lot of unorthodox “veggies” like taro, Chinese water-chestnuts, etc – the same applies – it’s food that’s uniquely yours at the cost of some TLC. Organic Gardening doesn’t necessarily mean lotsa OMRI approved products – indeed, the only “product” that you really need is compost which you can make for free, and mulch, which you can provide for free. Anything else is candy – nice to have but not necessary. I’ll document my experiences with gardening here, as well as tips I pick up along the way.